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Subcontracting Meetings | 4-6 October – ONLINE only

10/27/2020 12:49:50 PM


According to the new ordinance of October 23rd, the organization of congresses and online fairs in the red zone is already possible. Therefore Subcontracting Meetings will take place as planned already on 4-6 November 2020. For security reasons online only.

Due to the current epidemiological situation and introduced restrictions, the SUBCONTRACTING - Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition, similarly to other events of the ITM Industry Europe block of fairs, was postponed to 8-11 June 2021. However, we do not resign from organizing the accompanying Subcontracting Meetings of service providers with clients looking for outsourcing for part of their production. The event will take place as planned on 4-6 November 2020 - for security reasons only online.


The meetings work in two ways. They enable discussion of subcontractors and clients looking for outsourcing for a part of their production. The event makes it possible to compare many subcontractors' offers and find new potential customers. Last year alone, the number of meetings that took place reached 353. 138 participants from 14 countries took part in the event.


Arranging a meeting of two "matching" entrepreneurs is possible thanks to prior registration. It is necessary to specify your industry and describe the presented offer. It is also worth to specify what the buyer expects from the potential subcontractor he is looking for. This gives the possibility of much more precise and accurate filtering of the assumed profiles in the search engine and even better matching the buyer and subcontractor.


Matchmaking B2B -  targeted business meetings.

  • direct 30 minute B2B ONLINE talks: supplier-buyer
  • BUSINESS MIXER - short 10-15 minute ONLINE meetings
  • initial selection- classification of companies in terms of industry, offer, request



ITM Industry Europe exhibitors free of charge!

For companies that have made any contribution to the participation in ITM Industry Europe, participation in Subcontracting Meetings is free! We encourage you to register today - the earlier a profile is created, the earlier we can promote it on the b2match platform.


Detailed price list as well as schedule and thematic scope of the event:


Register and promote your company on the platform!